« Pierre de Roswell »

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An enigmatic object—found near the alleged Roswell alien crashsite—called the Roswell Rock has created confusion among those who have studied it. Said to possess mysterious properties, many believe the curious artifact—discovered in 2004—belonged to an alien race that visited Earth. On September 4, 2004, a man named Robert Ridge went out hunting. During the day, as he explored the territory near the Roswell crash site he came across a curious object protruding from the ground, with a curious pattern embedded on its surface. After picking up the artifact and cleaning it, he noticed a set of patterns and symbols on its surface that immediately caught his attention. The Roswell rock has a curious symbolism: Two crescent moons joined at the corners, a pattern eerily similar to those that tend to appear on Crop Circles. The design of the Roswell rock is fascinating. Anyone who has had a chance to see it will notice that it seems as if it had been crafted with incredible precision. According to Mr. Ridge, the Roswell rock is evidence of perfect machinery. Interestingly, the design depicted ontop of the Roswell Rocked perfectly matches with Crop Circles that appeared in Liddington, England on August 2, 1996. This, together with the fact that the mystery artifact was discovered in extreme proximity of the alleged Roswell Crash site. So what is it? ▶@ovnisvideoscom, all the news you will love ! ▶Follow: #ovnisvideoscom ▶Contact: ovnisvideos.news@gmail.com ▶Shop: @ovnisvideosshop ▶Website: www.ovnis-videos.com▶#ovnisvideoscom #ufology #ufos #ovnis #aliens #extraterrestre #space #spaceships #universe #asteroides #mars #spacex #elonmusk #nasa #esa #sciences #tesla #nature #tech #futuristic #robotics #bostondynamics #tsunami #storm #earthquake #tornado #informatique #paranormal #cinema #news

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