« UFO, August 24, 2019 »

August 24, 2019, The Netherlands. An incredible video sequence has reached our information center, confirming that the “UFO” Wave continues. The appearance of a ship of type « Tubular » flew on Saturday the European northwest, a man with his companion witnessed the transit of a ship again at low altitude, as we have said, on the earth there are large magnetic « corridors » where these ships they transit as if they were huge invisible highways, an energy that has allowed them to cross the universe.  Lire la suite

« UFO »

This is some seriously cool footage. This video is taken from a small plane, probably a Cessna or similar – no idea of the location. The plane is a few thousand feet above the cloud tops and suddenly a very bright object penetrates the cloud cover in front of them. There is no visible smoke-trail as would be expected if this was a missile or a SpaceX launch. Lire la suite